Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Monday

Whew! What a day! College life is really difficult (well, that's what works for me..haha...It wears me out.

That is the main reason why I was not able to make a post for days. I was working with our project which turned me into burning midnight candles and staying uplate 'til dawn.

Blue is supposed to be my favorite color but now I've got a reason to dislike it. I use blue to describe serenity, calmness and the like but now it's an adjective synonymous (according to my thesaurus..haha) to tiring, depressing and the like bla bla bla..

I just had a Blue Monday. and here's how the hues developed:

1. i woke up early but ended up late at school
My first subject would be at 7:00 and I must be off to school at 6:30 (yeah..our house is a li'l bit far from the university). i woke up at about 5:30 but because I still have stuffs to do -- completing our group project, take a bath, make the "proj" again, eat b-fast, make the project again and tooth brushing). That is why I instead ended up being off to school by 6:50's something and arrived at the SU pool by 7:20. Thanks to the traffic and the roads under construction.

2. i have to plunge to the pool with my head still preoccupied with other stuffs and headache. What's worse is that I am no good at swimming. I suck at it. In fact, that class was my first swimming lesson (haha).

3. We had our "practicom" and I have to repeat. Yeah, pretty crap it is. We had our "practicom" on swimming freestyle and I still didn't know how. I even tried to cross the pool (it's 1 lap) but I still can't. The ONLY swimming technique I knew was to have my head down the water. I don't know how with the my head above the surface, much more on swimming then resurfacing. It's great that out teacher (I hope she'll continue) is considerate and just told me to not force myself and instead use my time practicing. I will be swimming again before our finals. Good news: I've got a chance. Bad news: I don't know how.

4. I got a low score on my exam.
Too bad, too bad. Actually, I passed the quiz but still it's not something that I must have. That was the time when i realized that I had been too much of easy-coming and easy-going. Albeit I passed and getting 2.0 seems li'l bit of easy, I still think I have to have a higher one because I have to get a QPA of 3.0 so that my scholarship will be continued.

5. We blew our advertising presentation.
That was Speech 11 class and that was the project I'm referring to. It's a print ad and the place we are to advertise is the city of ROME. We were caught off guard by panic under pressure. Although I am the one who put all of the effort in doing the project, I still believe that I had a mistake. I am the leader and I should have been more responsible of my members and should have given them a hard copy of the ad even for an hour before the presentation. i just suck at leadership. Funny how it is that I once had 2 high positions in my High School and I had this results.

Now, I'm [quite] relieved. I had written ALL...uhmm..almost ALL..hehe..I was glad I had this time to post and had served my purpose of my blog as an outlet to my heart (wew..that's deep!haha)

and that is how I had my Blue Monday.

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