Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alaw Ina Magnat - the Cursed SMS

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The said Cursed text message goes by this, as what I've received:

MAY 10, 1976, nsgasaan ang 1 mtndng bbae pero tinkbuhan ng nksgsa.Bgo nmtay ang mtnda tinuran nia ito, “alaw ina magnat”, 1ng itim n dsal.S lht ng nkbsa ni2 mgppktng mtnda ng 3x ng mdling araw!Ta2bi sau,duguan,humihini ng 2long!Nngyari i2 ky MARKY CIELO ng STARSTRUCK dhil d nia naipsa sa 17tao nmty xa arw n dec.7,2008,11:15 d sya ngicng.Sori kilngn q ipsa kc ay0n sa rsearch 220 i2!Niplabas na ito s NGINIG..

For the sake of other people, I’ll interpret it in English. It says that there was once an old woman who was bumped by a vehicle but the one who dunnit fled. But, before she died, she uttered these words, “alaw ina magnat”, an incantation of some dark spell. Everybody who have read this message will be visited by this old woman 3x at dawn’s time, will sit/sleep beside you, covered with blood, begging foe help. This is what happened to Marky Cielo of Starstruck because he failed to pass this to 17 people, who was killed last dec7, 2008, 11:15, haven’t waken up. Sorry, I just have to pass this because according to a research, this is true. This has been aired in NGINIG..*

woah! When I first received this message, it scared the hell of me. Hmmm.. Maybe I was freshman high school at that time and unfortunately (at that time bcoz it’s creepy), I’ve got no load. So what I did is just wait for the time that I’ll meet my sad fate if ever that was freakin’ true. And yeah you’re right, I haven’t met her, of course. How could I create posts if I’m dead?
When I received this again, about lunch time (12pm or so), I was so pissed I received and especially because I’m not unlimited with my txt messages. Also, it’s because I’ve got to hurry because I’ll be having a class at 1pm. But then, when I read it again after my class, I became interested with the incantation. At first, I thought it was of Latin language but just a simple one that has nothing to do with spells. From what I’ve known magna is major or mother. But, the alaw is just so queer. It doesn’t seem to be Latin (mostly used in spells) or even Greek or Hebrew nor Egyptian. With this mind, I found my help from the net. It’s actually an anagram* and a semordnilap* of a Tagalog phrase. It’s better off if you delete the spaces. It’d be alawinamagnat which when read backwards is tangamaniwala. It’d become tanga maniwala which in Tagalog language means “believers are idiots/stubborn/stupid and etc.”
Here are some errors the crap made: 
dawn - If you’ve noticed, the word ‘dawn’ was underlined. Notice the time of the alleged death; it’s 11:15, how could that be dawn or madaling araw? oh c'mon!
Marky Cielo- actually, his cause of death had never been revealed and so is the exact time (which I still find is quite strange and which I shall not reveal my speculation). So, this is really a fraud. Those figures were just making you think it’s real.
By the way, I’d like to comment that this mess has a bunch of wrong "grammar" even if it’s Tagalog. Don’t try fooling people with wrong tenses. Haha…another is that i can't put a source wid my info; they're many ( i opened a lot of sites to know this). 
and BTW,
*NGINIG is a title of a tv show in Philippines aired in ABS-CBN. It’s about ghost and other creepy stories which are alleged to be true or based on real-life experience.
*anagram- it’s somewhat a combi of letters. I’m not good at explaining at all. An example is this: “egos” is an anagram of the word “goes”.
*semordnilap- I got this from the wiki, I think. Example (which is actually the origin): “semidornilap” is a semidornilap of the word “palindromes”
By the way, I'm not saying I'm perfect at grammar...haha...


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It took me some hell of a month or so to post again. Perhaps I was just a little bit of busy or acting to be (haha). Yeah, of course, I have been busy (until now). Busy with school stuffs, and fb apps and whatnot.

*fb means facebook (for those who don't know)

as if somebody's reading this..hehe

Finally, I made a post. Sadly, I have not been able to post those that I am supposed to do so. In fact, this blog is supposed to be like an online journal (take note that not all blogs are journals), like a blow-by-blow account of my life. I was actually expecting that this'd be more productive than a written journal. Fact is that I'm such a sloth to write that I thought getting online is better. Fact is that what a lazy guy am I that getting techie has led me to games aside from this. oh that's so crap!

I've been away much that I think I've got to recall. It's so great that I still got a QPA (quality point average) which my scholarship requires me. Although I did not really aim for a Class award, I'm still quite sad about it. Class Award requires a QPA* of 3.25 wherein mine just seems to be hanging. It's like 3.2454545... the matter is I don't really think that they'd round that off to 3.25 But I still find that funny because it's not official, i think..haha

*QPA is the term for our college grade for all the subs taken per sem

Anyways, these are my plans (that's surprisingly; I'm not used with plans)
1. TKE (The Kristian Enigma) as an Online Journal (as detailed above)

2. ambigrams- this actually is my inspiration for pursuing this damm*t blog inspired by nagfa's ambigram blog. I have actually made few ambigrams but to post them? like a kind of shame to the net world. I'm still planning to edit them. Thanks to Picnik, I made it without Adobe Photoshop. Actually, we had Adobe Photoshop already but it's not installed in the family pc which I'm using; it's in my sis' laptop (who actually don't know how to use it..haha..for now).

3. Poems- I've actually been writing poems but shame and shyness block my plans to pursue posting them. Another is that I feared some too lazy folks would steal them as I didn't had them in copyright. there's something that happened in my high school years that built that trauma.

4. differences- this is something i really like. Example above are the words shame and shyness. I think, I repeat, I just think they are not the same. I'm gonna post about some stuffs like that and all.

5. trivia and facts- becoz i love researching (a bit), i'm planning to post some interesting facts

Oh Lord, I just hope I'd be able to post them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Choices to Success

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Last Tuesday, there was a Special Academic Convocation at Luce Auditorium (which is in our university). Thinking that we were required, I came there. (until now, I'm not sure if we were really required in our NSTP-CWTS).

Normally (yeah..you got it), lectures always lull me (haha..); most seem to be boring that we always hope that the Iintermission numbers would be sooner. But, this one's different, really different. It was really fun. the speaker was none other than Francis J. Kong.

At first, his alien to some of us. If you're a business tycoon, you should know this guy. In my case, I'm not (haha). Whatever that is, his lecture was unlike the typical discussion-type ones that are worth to be yawned at.

His words were really inspiring and moving. Glad to meet people like him; they are those that keep me on striving with this hard life.

Another is that usually, I've no plans nor specific goals. But now, I think I have.


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Aarrggh! And Again, I'm in the flunking mode. I know I've got to be optimistic but this one's always in me.

And guess what? For every subject, there's a problem. i felt like my days were condemned.

I lost something that is badly needed especially during exams. Another is that I haven't memorized a speech to be presented on 15, Tuesday and haven't revised it yet (if there's still time).

Another bad news: we'll be having exams on Monday and not just one but two, two consecutive subjects. Math 11 Math 13. "College Algebra" and "Plane and Spherical Trigonometry" respectively. A great brain exercise after our PE 11 class at 7-8AM.

There really is no easy thing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Think About It: The Yellow and the Violet

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Whew! What a week (though it's not yet the end of the week)!

Yellow and Purple (a shade of violet) – those were the colors I wore last Tuesday and today, respectively.

Those were the colors I wore on days I was having my Math Midterm Examinations (Math 13, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry last Tuesday and Math 11, College Algebra a while ago).

Those were the colors that seemed to be part of the Common Colors or Colors of the Day in our class.

Those were the colors I felt was fit for those days not until the tests came.

It was ONLY because of a simple stupid reason. It was by chance or seemingly by chance that last Tuesday when I was wearing a yellow shirt, our Math 13 teacher was also wearing a shirt with a brighter shade of yellow (maybe lemon yellow). The fact is that the exam turned out to be difficult for me to answer.

And guess what, it seemed a cycle. A while ago, I was wearing purple (a shade of violet) and our Math 11 teacher was also clad in a shade of violet (probably amethyst or lavender). And another, the exam turned out to be hard, too!

Despite all of those sad moments, it made me learned a lesson: to study, study and study whether after the lesson discussion or days before examination. But, I don’t really think it’ll work out like that. After all, I’m too easygoing with the thought that it won’t be that hurting if you’ll have low scores when you have not studied madly. Pretty right, ayt?

So, were those events of purely coincidence or of unfortunate accidence or maybe, a lesson of negligence? Think about it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Monday

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Whew! What a day! College life is really difficult (well, that's what works for me..haha...It wears me out.

That is the main reason why I was not able to make a post for days. I was working with our project which turned me into burning midnight candles and staying uplate 'til dawn.

Blue is supposed to be my favorite color but now I've got a reason to dislike it. I use blue to describe serenity, calmness and the like but now it's an adjective synonymous (according to my thesaurus..haha) to tiring, depressing and the like bla bla bla..

I just had a Blue Monday. and here's how the hues developed:

1. i woke up early but ended up late at school
My first subject would be at 7:00 and I must be off to school at 6:30 (yeah..our house is a li'l bit far from the university). i woke up at about 5:30 but because I still have stuffs to do -- completing our group project, take a bath, make the "proj" again, eat b-fast, make the project again and tooth brushing). That is why I instead ended up being off to school by 6:50's something and arrived at the SU pool by 7:20. Thanks to the traffic and the roads under construction.

2. i have to plunge to the pool with my head still preoccupied with other stuffs and headache. What's worse is that I am no good at swimming. I suck at it. In fact, that class was my first swimming lesson (haha).

3. We had our "practicom" and I have to repeat. Yeah, pretty crap it is. We had our "practicom" on swimming freestyle and I still didn't know how. I even tried to cross the pool (it's 1 lap) but I still can't. The ONLY swimming technique I knew was to have my head down the water. I don't know how with the my head above the surface, much more on swimming then resurfacing. It's great that out teacher (I hope she'll continue) is considerate and just told me to not force myself and instead use my time practicing. I will be swimming again before our finals. Good news: I've got a chance. Bad news: I don't know how.

4. I got a low score on my exam.
Too bad, too bad. Actually, I passed the quiz but still it's not something that I must have. That was the time when i realized that I had been too much of easy-coming and easy-going. Albeit I passed and getting 2.0 seems li'l bit of easy, I still think I have to have a higher one because I have to get a QPA of 3.0 so that my scholarship will be continued.

5. We blew our advertising presentation.
That was Speech 11 class and that was the project I'm referring to. It's a print ad and the place we are to advertise is the city of ROME. We were caught off guard by panic under pressure. Although I am the one who put all of the effort in doing the project, I still believe that I had a mistake. I am the leader and I should have been more responsible of my members and should have given them a hard copy of the ad even for an hour before the presentation. i just suck at leadership. Funny how it is that I once had 2 high positions in my High School and I had this results.

Now, I'm [quite] relieved. I had written ALL...uhmm..almost ALL..hehe..I was glad I had this time to post and had served my purpose of my blog as an outlet to my heart (wew..that's deep!haha)

and that is how I had my Blue Monday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Official Header!!!

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I call it 'official' because the first header i made was lame..haha..
That doesn't really matter at all. After all this new one is not that amazing. It's just that the first one is lamer (I don't think my vocabulary is right..hehe) than this one..

So here it is:

probably you got puzzled after seeing that image..
That is, by the way, an ambigram, a design (usually a word or a phrase) that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways (i.e.rotated through 180 degrees, reflected vertically, or horizontally..)

There are different types of ambigrams (i.e. rotational, mirror-image, figure-ground, containment, etc). So far as I had known and searched in the net, there are approximately 15 of them.

In this case, it is a mirror ambigram.
Actually, i intended for it to have a 'subtitle' to give a hint.

So, what does "let the mirror reflect mean"..?

I've given a lot of clues ayt.? so, did u have it right.?
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(this is my ever first post, ain't it obvious?)

obviously, this is an introduction to myself..
*pretty strange i made a post in a seemingly ungodly time..

i'm a Sibulanon, a Negrense

i am a SEMI-absolute bookworm
(take note:semi lng..
i'm not into textboooks ha..haha)

when i get bored, i sometimes become a "couch potato"

that's when
i read pocketbooks,
watch tv,
tuon2x kunuhay (natulog na diay to..haha)

i love to discover new things
i surf the net

i am not really a person of "facts and figures"
nor "fiction and fantasies"

i'm interested with some bits of information but mostly only the trivial ones

i am a great puzzle lover
may it be:
word search
anagrams and word plays
(too bad i suck at 3D's..)

i am a person who loves art though i'm not a good artist..haha..
but really, i appreciate art
(only for my eyes not mah hands

science is where i suck worst
but some of it is in my curiosity

mystery stuffs really attract me

music had always been my passion
d lang ko songer..
i'm more with the lyrics..

people i like?
hmmm..i don't have standards..
i just like 'em bcoz i like 'em..

those i hate.?
i always have..
-i get the creeps with boastful people AKA "feeler".
especially those who can't prove their pride..
-i dislike those that are "feeling know-it-all"
-it gets me disappointed to those who never look at the coin's 2 sides
-i hate totally snobbish pipz ug kanang mga hambug na kaayu na di managad

i'm not always a good person though i appear to be..
sadly,i'm a bit of snobbish pero mutagd pud bia ko
but ironically, i am loud when you and i become friends..

people see me as a "mysterious guy"
but actually, i'm not really into that
i just enjoy silence but not always
i am humorous but i'm not loud with my heart..

and oh, BTW..
i am VERY NOSY guy..
and bcoz i do not focus only on one side of the figure, i'm so inquisitive..haha..
so pagbantay mu ana..

i am not someone who's best at planning and preparing..
i suck at those stuffs..
i just go with the flow..

i am a man full of irony and sarcasm;
my phobias counter-attack my interests and personality
my words do not always speak with my mind

i am a man who say few words yet speak a lot of words

i may not always hear the echos of other people
but i could listen to their voices

i maybe weird but not the resident dork
i maybe a crazy geek but i'm not an absolute nerd

i am someone who always changes
but i'm not a shape-shifter
sometimes i just take the shape of my molder

i am kristian
i am what i am..
i am what i had been..
i am what i will be..

P.S. ayaw na mog bark..
ag mu ek,suya..

*there is reason behind why i posted this on such date..
so, can you guess it.? i bet you can..

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